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Their incomparable aroma transforms each dish  into a special treat
   Our truffle dinner [per person 59 €]
   26 January 2020

The culinary journey will be accompanied on this evening by Germany's first and only qualified truffle consultant Mrs. Sabine Hörnicke. It leads through the evening with many interesting details


Der Winter Trüffel auch Perigord Trüffel genannt ist da
Their incomparable aroma transforms every dish into a treat of the highest order

To the steak homemade truffle butter  [52]                                                             2,50

As an appetizer: [301] Fresh tagliatelle in truffle butter swirled with grated black Perigord truffle & Parmesan                                                                                            16,50

[12] Homemade ravioli filled with ricotta, truffles & parmesan                           15,50

As a coronation to the steak of your choice
[8] about 20 g of grated black perigord truffle                                                         15.00

[839] with Grain Fed Aberdeen Black Roast Beef [220g]
on celery Mousseline 50 g of grated black perigord truffles,
Steak potatoes and salad from the buffet                                                                 39,50


High-quality air-dried ham

From Andre's ham workshop
The finest ham from four countries



Our Appetizers

Warm & fluid

As Appetizer 14,00
as main course 28,00

Our carpaccio


From André's ripening chamber: Maximum maturity, maximum refinement

Our adventure taste card Dry aging is the "supreme discipline" of meat refinement. We allow 60 days to mature. This creates a buttery, earthy & nutty taste. Anyone who has ever tried Dry-Aged Beef is amazed at how aromatic and intense steaks can taste.

We serve steak potatoes and salad from the buffet & Bearnaise sauce
NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW: to steak homemade truffle butter 2.50


Our passion is the extraordinary

Our taste adventure menu

including steak potatoes and salad from the buffet and  Bearnaise sauce 

     NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW: to steak homemade truffle butter 2.50         


Our western steaks

Our Western Steaks 27,00

Enjoy our Western Steaks including a baked potato, salad from the buffet & 4
different dips. For the beef fillet there is Lady's Cut.
We will gladly change your side dish: per change 1,50

NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW: to steak homemade truffle butter 2.50

Our side dishes


Fish & Vegetarian dishes

Grilled fish


Vegetarian dishes